Dublingame blog

Please check out more designs in Object Project of Optimism GFX.

In this T-shirt browser you can browse through all original designs specially prepared for Dublingame. Please check them on different colour T-shirts pressing little colored squares on the right side. All designs are numbered. They gonna remain the same until the end of our game. Hopefully it will never stop!
Please also remember that T-shirt size, proportions and design size and location are not exact. It is here to give you an idea what possible to do.
So, browse out and choose your unique design, then e—mail me your desirable's number with size and colour of T. And if it is still available I give it to you!
You are becoming the member of DG as soon as you pay your membership fee which is 25 for 1 colour design. Add 4 euro for each additional colour. (White counts too!).

Some of the designs will appear on CONMAN.TV T-Shirts along with existing coolski CON-designs by Con Artists. Please join in to our CLUB CONMAN!
Please write me